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Port My Number to Now Mobile

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  • Order Your FREE SIM from Now Mobile

    First, order a FREE SIM card from our website. This takes upto 2 working days to reach your doorstep. You can only proceed once your new SIM card is with you.

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  • Get Your PAC Code

    Next, type “PAC” and send it to 65075 from your old SIM to get your PAC code. Remember, this has to be done with your old SIM card and not the new one we sent you.

    You should receive a code via text message. Keep it safe with you – we’ll need it for later.

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  • Activate Your Now Mobile SIM Card

    Now that you have your PAC code with you – time to activate your new SIM card. Log in to the Now Mobile dashboard and activate your SIM card.

    Don’t worry about the temporary number on your new SIM card for now – we’ll map your old number to the new SIM card once the port-in is complete. The temporary number will be removed.

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  • Transfer Your Mobile Number

    Once your new SIM card (with its temporary number) is activated, it’s time to head over to the Porting Details page.

    Initiate port-in request by entering your PAC code. During this process, you might experience bad network reception not only from your previous network provider, but Now Mobile too. Therefore, we suggest you do it on your spare day.

    Once done, insert your Now Mobile SIM and reboot your phone. You now have your old phone number with a new network provider – Now Mobile.

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  • Enjoy 1GB Free Internet Data

    Now that you’ve successfully switched your existing number to Now Mobile, enjoy your 1 GB FREE internet data as a welcome gift.

    Let’s roll! Check out our exciting PAYG deals and monthly plans to find what best suits your needs.

Ready to Transfer

Your Mobile Number?

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

If you initiate a transfer request by 5pm, we will have your phone number transferred the next business day. If you submit your request after 5pm, it will take two working days to process.

  1. If you process the transfer request after 4pm on Mondays, the transfer will be completed by Tuesday evening.
  2. The requests initiated after 6pm on Fridays, will be completed on Monday.

Note: It might take a bit longer if there is a bank holiday in the days following your request because on holidays, we are unable to process the transfer requests.

If, somehow, we’re short on our commitment and the number transfer gets delayed on our end, we will provide you 1GB FREE internet day to compensate every additional day we took.

The additional internet data will automatically appear in your account as credit.

A PAC code (or Porting Authorization Code) is a code provided by your mobile phone provider that allows you to keep your existing phone number when switching networks.

You can request a PAC from your current provider and then give it to your new one. They’ll use it to transfer your phone number.

A PAC code lasts 30 days once you request it, so there’s lots of time to make the switch.

All the network providers in the UK allow phone number transfers to any network you want. So don’t worry if you don’t like the service of your existing network provider. You can always switch!

Try restarting your device because that usually works with network port-ins. If restarting your phone doesn’t work:

iPhone Users can:
  1. Go to Settings > Phone > My Number, and double check if the inserted number is right. If it isn't, put the correct number.
  2. Go to Settings > Messages > Turn OFF iMessage.
  3. Go to General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Go to Settings > Messages > Turn ON iMessage.

This way, your phone will be able to identify and verify the new SIM. If, still, the issue isn’t resolved, please contact Now Mobile support and our experts will provide you the right solution.

There are several options to connect with Now Mobile Support Service, our customer service experts will respond as quickly as possible to resolve your issues.

  1. By email: hello@nowmobile.co.uk
  2. From your SIM: Call 669 (FREE from Now Mobile)
  3. From other networks: Call (44) 0207 87 17 669 from any other phone

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