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Review our frequently asked questions here.

All you need to do is put the SIM card in your phone; add some credit and you're ready to go, if you would like help at any time why not give us a call on 669 from your Now phone.
You can Top-Up your SIM with credit a number of different ways:
1. Online, via the Top-Up page.
2. In-store, many high street retailers offer this facility e.g. Tesco
3. Vouchers, available in numerous retail outlets. To add your credit simply follow the instructions on the back voucher.
We offer a wide range of plans which each provide an allocation of allowances for a specified number of days e.g. 800 minutes for 30 days.

These can purchased on line here and then will be instantly added to your account for immediate use.
If you'd like to keep your number, our customer service team can arrange to move it to your Now SIM card. Before you call us, you'll need to ask your current provider for a PAC (Port Authorisation Code). Once we have this, it usually takes two working days.

Order your new SIM here
Configure your settings automatically here
Handsets are often locked (to prevent use with another networks SIM card) when sold with a contract.If you see a message like 'Enter Unlock Code' or 'Contact Service Provider', when you first put your Now SIM card in to your phone, you may need to contact your previous provider to obtain your handset unlock sequence, sometimes this is referred to as a subsidy PIN.There are many other places where you can have your phone unlocked - we recommend visiting your local mobile phone shop for more advice.
The Now voicemail lets people leave you a message whenever your phone is unavailable, you can dial 269, at anytime to listen to your messages.

You can store up to 20 messages for up to 10 days, and the maximum message length is 4 minutes.You can also record a personal greeting or change your message notification method; you can even set up a PIN number - which enables you can pick up your messages from another phone.

To access your mailbox from another line simply call your Now number and interrupt your outgoing message by pressing the star key. If you're travelling overseas you can access your voicemail as normal. Some networks may require you to dial the full international number, which is +44 7973 102 269.
When on a call, call waiting will let you know that someone else is trying to reach you, you'll hear a tone and the number of the person calling you will be displayed on your screen, you can then choose to answer or reject the call.

If you choose to answer the call, your first call will be placed on hold and you can then use your phones menu to switch between calls, most phones allow you to swap back and forth between calls by simply pressing the answer button.
Conference calling lets you talk with up to six parties at a time.

To use conference calling dial the first number you want to speak to - once answered place the call on hold and dial the second number, then using your phones menu select the 'Join' or 'Conference' option to join all calls together.

Conference calling can also be used with call waiting, which means you can even add a call to an existing conference.
With Now Mobile you'll always know your balance. We'll send a short message at the end of each call. Also if you register your SIM online, you can log in at any time to check your current status. Alternatively you can always call 669 for an update.
Setting up an automatic top up is the easiest way to make sure you always have credit. Register your SIM online and log in to activate the Auto top up facility.

We accept the following payments:

- Master card
- Visa
- Visa Debit
- Paypal
To prevent unwanted use of your credit you can set a PIN code on your SIM card, by following the security options in your handset settings.

The default SIM card PIN is set to 0000, if you make a mistake a get it wrong three times in a row, don't worry: you can reset this using the PUK code printed on the holder which surrounded your SIM card.

If you are unfamiliar with the unlock process; we recommend that you call customer services from another phone on 0207 87 17 669 and we'll talk you through it.

Please be aware: If you make a mistake at this point you could cause permanent damage to your SIM card
If you have purchased a plan and it is not appearing in the 'My Active Plans' area, please log out and log back in.
We have a dedicated team of multilingual customer services professionals who can assist you with any queries or issues you may encounter. Call FREE to our customer service team by dialing 669 from your mobile or 0207 87 17 669 from another phone.

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